Quantcast Telephone Main Distribution Frame (MDF)


Technical Requirements -
T/D Cabling Design Guide
Contractor Responsibilities of this document.  These cables shall be
labeled, terminated, and separated from Backbone cables on the MDF.
8. Work Station
For each horizontal cable (data or telephone) to be activated, the Contractor
shall provide an appropriate WSI outlet (or modular furniture interface) and
Category 5 Equipment cables.
1. Contractor Provided Equipment
The Contractor shall provide the MDF, all interconnections and cross connects
of the EPABX, CO trunks, CDS risers and other cabling to the MDF to meet the
requirements of the CDS as determined by the materials identified in
Contractor Responsibili ies of this document.
The MDF provided shall be stand-alone, self supporting, and free standing. It
shall be optimally located for maintenance and equipment access in accordance
with ANSI/EIA/TIA-569. The MDF shall be equipped with 110-type IDC modular
terminating blocks.
2. Cable Termination & Labeling
The Contractor shall terminate all telephone backbone pairs within the
Telephone Equipment Room. The Contractor shall label all cable pairs
terminating in the Telephone Equipment Room. All telephone jacks and cable
pairs shall be labeled in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-606.
1. Contractor Provided Equipment
The Contractor shall provide the following equipment in quantities as determined
by the materials identified in Contractor Responsibilitiesof this document.
A. Backbone Patch Panels Racks
The Contractor shall furnish and install rack(s) to house the fiber optic
backbone patch panels. The rack(s) may also house a hub or switch and
patch panel terminating Horizontal cables serving those Work Stations in the
vicinity of the Computer Room. The patch panel rack(s) shall be securely
mounted on the raised flooring with anchor bolting attaching the racks to the
floor in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
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VBA Design Guide


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